14 Unbelievably Creative Things To Do With Fruit


Eating fruit is a chore. Most of us do it because we know we should. Some of us like the taste, but in honesty – the taste never changes.Fruit has been scientifically proven to protect against heart disease, stroke and cancers of the lung and digestive tracts. In this same evidence, it found that the majority of people were not eating enough fruit to sustain these benefits!

BUT THAT CAN CHANGE! Inspire Learn Live have searched far and wide to bring you the best and most creative ways you can turn boring fruit into the centre of attention. We were astounded at the imagination of some of these dishes and we are certain you will be too!

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Fruitastic Thing #1 – Tropical Strawberry Spring Roll

Tropical Strawberry Spring Roll

Swap the savoury for the sweet with these eloquently crafted fruit spring rolls! These really are mouth-watering, and surprisingly rather simple to make.

See how to make it at HowSweetEats.com

Fruitastic Thing #2 – Mini Fruit Pizzas

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Isn’t this a great to get the kids to eat some extra fruit? Not the healthiest on the list, but a great, easy to make recipe – that has great tasting results!

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at Moms.MyLifetime.com

Fruitastic Thing #3 – Grilled Pineapple With Honey

Grilled Pineapple With Honey

This delicious and low-calorie (around 50) snack is a long-time favourite. Simple and effective. If you like to experiment, try a few different fruits, such as mango.

Get the full recipe and try it yourself at SkinnyTaste.com


Fruitastic Thing #4 – North Indian Fruit Chaat

North Indian Fruit Chaat

Exotic in taste, and simple in ingredients, this is a real treat if you are wanting to wow at a dinner party and show off your knowledge of world cuisine. The addition of spices allow you to taste fruit in a method that you would not imagine, not to mention the added benefit the spices will give your metabolism. This allows you to combine a few different fruits, giving you more variety as well!

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at HonestCooking.com

Fruitastic Thing #5 – Summertime Fruit Cones

Summer Fruit COnes

Trade in the ice-cream for a fruit cone. This delicious snack uses a waffle cone, then crammed full of delicious summer fruits. At 162 calories this is a treat, but it’s definitely worth it!

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at TasteofHome.com

Fruitastic Thing #6 – 100% Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Being quite the smoothie connoisseur it felt natural to include this. It really is an excellent way to increase the amount of fruit in your diet. Once you’ve tried this combination, you can even come up with your own.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at OneTenZeroSeven.com

Fruitastic Thing #7 – Frozen Fruit Popsicles

Fruit Popsicles

With the summer approaching there is nothing better than lying in the Sun with a homemade Popsicle. Use a variety of your favourite leftover fruit and enjoy healthy, natural ice lollies!

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at blog.freepeople.com

Fruitastic Thing #8 –Filipino Fruit Salad

Filipino Fruit Salad

If you’re tired of the ‘traditional fruit salad recipes, then I highly recommend this. It only took me 15 minutes to make and is packed full of delicious fruits and is perfect for all occasions.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at TomatoBlues.com

Fruitastic Thing #9 –Strawberry Fruit Leather

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is stuff of childhood memories these days, left behind in belief that they were sugar-filled and unhealthy. In actual fact, this recipe requires only 3 ingredients, all natural! We suggest this especially if you have kids. The fun texture will trick them into getting their daily dose of fruit!

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at VintageChica.typepad.com

Fruitastic Thing #10 – Hungarian Cold Fruit Soup

Hungarian Fruit Soup

It would be too easy to make a ‘hungry’ joke here but I will save myself the embarrassment. Hungary is famous for its large intellectual influence in Mathematics, and it’s no wonder with brain fuel like this dish. This local cuisine provides a quick and easy way of turning basic fruit into a refreshing cold soup.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at TheWonderingChef.wordpress.com

Fruitastic Thing #11 –Traditional Fruit Iced Tea

Iced Fruit Tea

A refreshing way to enjoy a weekend afternoon, this iced fruit tea is welcomed traditional twist. The recipe is simple and quick to make. It does suggest using fruit juices, but we are always in favour of fresh options where possible, so if you have the extra time, it is definitely worth digging out that juicer!

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at MyCookingRecipes.com

Fruitastic Thing #12 –Fruit Salad With Honey and Lime Dressing

Fruit Salad

The simplicity of this dish is amazing, and that is why fruit salad has stood the test of time. Fantastic for summer picnics, and of course – the fruits can be altered depending on preference.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at OhYouCook.blogspot.co.uk

Fruitastic Thing #13 –Non-Alcoholic Fruit Sangria

Non-Alcoholic Fruit Sangria

122 calories… Need I say more? We don’t just have to eat fruit, we can drink it too, and this non-alcoholic sangria is perfect. Drivers can join in on the fun of this fruit-filled beverage, whilst gaining all the vitamins the ingredients have to offer.

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at DietWatchBlog.com

Fruitastic Thing #14 –Watermelon Fruit Basket Party Decoration

Watermelon Fruit Basket

Watermelons are delicious, but they also make great decorative pieces! Wouldn’t this look amazing at a garden party? If you have the time to spare, it can be a good way to spend a Sunday. Maybe become inspired to try other fruit centrepieces…

Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at HomeCooking.about.com

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